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We make your wildest dreams come true with custom airbrush painting.
J. Caruso


To protect your investment all Xtreme Kreations custom paint jobs come with a full 5 yr warranty against: Peeling, lifting, cracking, bubbling, fading & any other defect due to poor craftsmanship. Read more.


It’s so easy to win the ultimate extreme creation. After your Xtreme Kreation Bike has been reassembled simply submit a Gallery Photo and have your friends post comments for their favorite bike. Read more.


At Xtreme Kreations we are humbled by the loyal support of our clients, vendors, suppliers, and builders. Here are a few noteworthy links. Thanks to everyone for helping our clients dreams come true. Rock on.


It's so easy to pack the parts and ship them off, on most bikes dis-assembly can be done in just a little over an hour. Its so easy that today our custom painted extreme creations are in every state in the USA. Read more.


Welcome to Xtreme Kreations custom motorcycle airbrush painting studio for Harley's, Sportbikes, Custom Cycles, and Old School Choppers, bike helmets, and the like. We do more than just paint motorcycles. At Xtreme Kreations we are all about the paint! Located in New Jersey is the East Coast’s premier motorcycle airbrush and sportbike painting studio. We specialize in show winning airbrush painting and graphics for Harleys, custom choppers, sportbikes, imports, helmets, hotrods, trucks, classic cars, and about anything else you can imagine. Over the years our award winning flawless finishes have been featured in the pages and on the covers of such magazines as Rixmag, Cycledreams, Super Streetbike, Robb Report and dozens of other magazines across the world.

However custom airbrush designs for motorcycles are just one of the many customizing services we offer, others include metal/fiberglass fabrication, custom led lighting and more. We are constantly posting new projects to our site so feel free to browse around and see what we are up to. Visit the gallery section to see our motorcycle airbrush painting work.

Custom Paint

Are you looking for custom paint for your Harley, Sportbikes, Custom Cycle, Old School Chopper, or custom helmets for motorcycles? Xtreme Kreations custom motorcycle airbrush painting studio is unlike any other custom motorcycle painting studio in the world! If you are looking for custom paint designs for custom motorcycles then look no farther than Xtreme Kreations. Our custom motorcycles and custom helmets for motorcycles have been featured in motorcycle magazines world wide. Customizing your Harley motorcycle or SportBike is an expression of your unique individuality. Best of all, custom paint ads value to your motorcycle. Painting motorcycles is not the only thing we do. We will custom paint anything! We have been custom painting motorcycles and custom motorcycles helmets for many years.

Custom Painting Motorcycles

Customizing your Harley or Sportbike is a great way to set your motorcycle apart from the crowd. If your not quite ready for custom painting on your Harley or  SportBikes, then consider starting off a little slower with one of our custom motorcycles helmets. One fact is undeniable a unique motor cycle paint job will get you noticed where ever you go. Many motor cycle paint fans forget to consider custom helmets for motorcycles. Check out our motorcycle image gallery for outrageous designs for motorcycles. You will find motor cycle pictures of original motorcycles graphics for any riding enthusiast style.

 Custom Helmets for Motorcycles

Xtreme Kreations is known for  nicest customized motorcycles in the world! Xtreme Kreations does custom painting for Harley Davidson, Custom Choppers, and Sportbikes motorcycles owners. Xtreme Kreations takes great pride in their motorcycle painting. A custom paint job by Xtreme Kreations is a great first step in building custom motorcycles. Where ever you live don’t be surprised if custom motorcycles or custom choppers pull up next to you painted by Xtreme Kreations. We have been painting motorcycles all over the world for years. Because of our unique designs for motorcycles, customers looking to get custom motorcycle paint, simply box up the necessary body parts and ship them off to Xtreme Kreations for their motorcycles graphics. Customers are shocked to find out its just that easy to truly make motorcycles custom.  Its even easier when designing custom helmets for motorcycles. A custom motorcycles helmet has to have just the right balance of the motorcycles graphics for the custom paint to really pop!  The Xtreme Kreations team are experts at custom painting both motorcycles and helmets to give your custom motorcycles just the right look.

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